Macintosh U.S.A. is a non-partisan, politically neutral, U.S. and global grass-roots leadership organization, founded by husband and wife Michael Macintosh + Crystal Macintosh.

We are advocates for social change, reinvention, new systems and improvement on a national, international and global level.

Our mission is to highlight, disclose and develop new ideas, innovations and improvements in order to improve human life and society.

We work to alter the public consciousness through media, corporate and government involvement / influence, innovation and social  / community outreach.

Although originally rooted in the Northeast U.S.A., we can be found with our daughter Emmeline and our son Alexander at our ranch in Texas, hiking in the California redwoods or studying archaeology and farming in Wyoming.

We can also be found working in Los Angeles and internationally with our various bands and musical projects (Young Astronauts Club, Pink Kaffir, The Poison Control Centre, etc.) - on tour or at recording studios throughout North America, Europe and elsewhere.